$8.50 wholesale/$17.00 retail

    Cliff Supply's Bay Rum Beard Wash Brick, with Organic Goat Milk, provides a face conditioning, beard thanking, clean up. Each all-organic goat milk based brick lathers up nicely and rinses clean, leaving your face feeling soft and healthy.

    Feel free to grab for above the shoulders and one for below, as many of our Cliff fans like to use it all over! Each soap is hand-poured, cut and then cured for 4-6 weeks to create a longer lasting brick of soap.

    coconut oil, goat milk, organic palm oil, pure olive oil, bentonite clay, oatmeal & essential oil and fragrance oil blend.

    Wet brick with warm water. Lather and wash then rinse. Look good, feel good, smell good.

    Approximately 4 oz